Connecting with 3rd party apps to exchange data.

We will support open standards APIs used by the eHealth industry. We will support the national FHIR profiles and International Patient Summary (IPS).

We will strive to advance the secure sharing of clinical genomics and phenome data, and of real-world research and clinical evidence, for improved patient safety and quality care.

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With the paradigm shift brought by precision medicine, digital health and AI, new standardised patient pathways will help realise the power of personalised medicine. Yielding this outcome requires patient pathways that facilitate patient transfers between research and clinics, and to tap into the power of today’s technology to base care delivery on real-world health outcomes and performance. Researchers and bioinformaticians are today’s actors that can accelerate the making of such personalised therapies a reality in standard care delivery. Healthcare professionals trained in digital technologies, biomarker examination, and data analysis are members of multidisciplinary teams that make shared clinical decisions.

Personalised medicine requires multidisciplinary teams. Engaged patients, empowered clinicians, translational researchers and responsible bioinformaticians need smarter solutions to collaborate safely and efficiently, for faster equitable access to personalised medicine.

Vitae Evidence enables this new form of collaboration, working together to support faster development and implementation of personalised medicine in routine clinical settings,

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