Find Actionable Personalised Medicine Evidence

Collaborative learning powered by AI. The more it is used, the smarter it gets.

Collaborative learning powered by AI

Generate evidence-based, actionable insights faster.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and standardized procedures (SOPs) help you explore and quality control personalised medicine evidence safely and efficiently.

Translate Patient Summaries into Search Strategies

Generate clinical questions (PICO framework) and rules for inclusion/exclusion of references. Evaluate the quality and relevance of personalised medicine evidence.

Do it at scale

Use our secure input forms or connect your electronic medical records and other clinical data repositories with FHIR.

Assisted by AI, you stay in control

Choose which suggestion to accept or reject, and manually edit suggested evidence to enhance the collective intelligence.

current and tailored knowledge base

Stay current. Comprehensive, cutting edge expertise at your fingertips.

Summarize evidence from Medical News Feeds, Medicine Agencies, Trial Registries, Scientific Publications, Pre-prints, Clinical Guidelines, Clinical Data Registries.


Vitae Evidence algorithms extract updated evidence from more than 50 information sources. Every day.

Shared Decision-making

Report quality controlled personalised medicine insights

Deliver your reports to healthcare providers, enabling shared decision-making with their patients.


Continuous-learning healthcare

Vitae Evidence makes use of Explainable AI and is authorized for clinical settings. Rule-based, Case-based reasoning. All insights come with their evidence basis. And the more it's used, the better it gets. Read more about Vitae Evidence's AI

Peer-reviewed clinical decision

Send your report for review, or approve reports ready for sharing.
Be confident that you are following the best practices of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Shared Decision-making.

Healthcare Payers

Estimate personalised medicine costs and monitor real-world outcomes

Integrate with your information systems or use our Digtial Health stack.

Predict treatment costs

Run Vitae Evidence algorithms on your clinical data repositories to stratify your patient populations. Identify who will benefit from specific treatments and (decentrialised) trials.

Test novel financing model

Measure treatment efficacy in real-world patient populations. Incorporate patient reported outcomes and quality of life into the price negociation.

Harmonize practices

Recommendations incorporate evidence-based guidelines, experts' knowledge and experience from previous cases and outcomes.

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