Adopt a collaborative
Molecular Tumour Board

Molecular Tumour Board teams use Vitae Evidence's precision medicine software solution to find personalised, actionable treatment options tailored to each patient’s molecular profile and personal preferences.

Harmonise all stakeholders' competence by optimising essential processes in a patient-oriented manner and according to the latest best practices.

Build collaborative, cross-border expertise, by incorporating expert knowledge from all user sites while respecting data privacy, attribution and confidentiality.

Automate evidence generation and its integration with clinical information in a fully transparent and controllable process.

Establish a continuously learning healthcare system, by incorporating experience from previous cases and outcomes, automatically analyzing newly published evidence, and integrating with the existing infrastructure.

How it works

Vitae Evidence is a ce-marked, cloud-based Medical Device software. It uses Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) to extract relevant evidence to assist clinicians and reassure patients that all options have been considered, including available and recruiting clinical trials.

Security & Quality

Our regulatory processes for Software as Medical Devices

GDPR Compliant

Registered CE-Mark at NoMA (MDD Class I)

We apply ISO 13485 Quality Management System

We leverage ISO/IEC 27001 certified hosted solutions

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