Use Case of Busy Oncologists

As an oncologist, your patients depend on you to make critical treatment decisions. But with an overwhelming amount of complex data to sift through and limited time to do it, it can be challenging to find the best treatment options for each individual patient.

Medical Device Software

Accelerate your decision-making

Our AI-powered software provides personalized treatment recommendations in seconds, freeing up time for you to focus on patient care.

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Enter Case Description

It takes a few minutes to add de-identified information.


AI evaluates available evidence

Published literature, Guidelines, Medicine Agencies, Medical news feeds, Clinical Trial Registries and other databases are assessed in near real-time.


Find actionable treatment options

Get reassured to provide the best possible care for your patient.

Clinician Workflow

Vitae Evidence enables healthcare providers to be at the forefront of scientific knowledge and become better advisors to their patients.

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Clinician flow typically involves assessment and diagnosis, followed by tests, research, and discussions with other healthcare providers, shared decision making with the patient, and finally treatment and review.

What can slow this process down in precision medicine is the time taken to find and read all relevant research taking into account each patients unique health and genetic situation.

Vitae Evidence cross references the patient data with the literature available and displays insights that can contribute to multi-disciplinary and patient discussions, enabling healthcare providers to become better advisors to their patients and patients to be reassured that all options have been considered.

This is true precision medicine.

8 years

It can take up to 8 years for new research to be implemented into clinical practice.

10 minutes

General oncologists have less than 10 minutes to evaluate evidence and make a treatment decision.


of potentially eligible patients with advanced NSCLC are not benefiting from precision oncology therapies appropriate for their disease. (JCO Precis Oncol. 2022)

Clinical Centers

Key Opinion Leaders involved

We are proud to be collaborating with some of the most respected Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the field of oncology to design and validate our technology. Our KOLs bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team and are integral to our mission of improving cancer treatment outcomes.

Explainable AI for Personalized Treatment Recommendations

Vitae Evidence uses explainable AI to assess the patient's medical history, molecular profile, and preferences against all available scientific and real-world evidence, and suggests biomarkers that have not yet been tested, standard treatments, and experimental treatments available through expanded access or clinical trials.

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Doctor using Vitae Evidence

Designed with and for Busy Oncologists

Our platform addresses the lack of molecular scientists available to interpret biomarkers and ensures that oncologists can find the best treatment options more efficiently.

Our software is CE-marked and compliant with all regulatory requirements, ensuring that oncologists can trust that our technology is secure and effective.

Join the Personalised Medicine Revolution

Vitae Evidence is changing the way oncologists approach personalized medicine. Our platform offers clinicians the ability to evaluate all available evidence and find the best treatment options for their patients based on their unique medical history, molecular profile, and preferences. Join us in the revolution of oncology care and improve the lives of cancer patients today.