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Vitae Evidence is the fastest way to evaluate evidence and find treatment options tailored to each patient molecular profile and preferences. Vitae Evidence is a CE-marked Medical Device Software platform.

Designed by clinicians, scientists, bioinformaticians and digital health engineers
especially for:

Hospitals & Clinics

Monitor personalised medicine evidence quality on our web application. Integrate with your information systems or use our Digtial Health stack.

Experts & Researchers

Teach AI and help a large number of clinicians and patients by discovering evidence-based, actionable treatment options.

Developers & bioinformaticians

Harness specialized information annotated with biomedical concepts and clinical qualifiers by connecting to our Developer APIs.

Why Vitae Evidence

A world where the collaboration of clinicians, patients, researchers, and bioinformaticians makes personalised medicine available to all

Technological advancements in personalised medicine have opened up opportunities for identifying optimal treatments for patients (Vicente et al.).

Yet, the shortage of trained people in molecular biology and clinical interpretation does not allow healthcare systems to provide this level of personalised healthcare to all patients.

That is why we are building Vitae Evidence, harnessing the powerful combination of human and machine intelligence to find evidence-based, actionable insights.

Collaborative expertise

Process Automation

Harmonized competence

Continuoulsy learning

"With the rapidly increasing amount of diagnostic information we receive about each patient, we need new and preferably automated methods to filter this information and figure out what to do with it. Vitae Evidence can become such a tool!”

Dr. Daniel Heinrich, senior physician, Hospital Innlandet HF
What is Vitae Evidence

We've made it easier to search for personalised medicine evidence.

Vitae Evidence combines text-mining, NLP, rule-based and case-based reasoning to harvest information from scientific and real-world data. It identifies relevant treatment options related to biomarkers.

Vitae Evidence is a secure, cloud-based medical device software. Read more about the platform

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